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Monday, December 5, 2016

PlayStation Experience 2016: The Games We Played

 Let It Die
-Our favorite booth of the Experience had to be Let It Die. The free game that just came out had a killer booth that walked your through a free photo on a scary looking subway car into the demo. If you beat the demo's boss you would win a special Uncle Death pin.

The way the booth treated fans, had great line control, surpassed many of the other booths there.

The demo was a strange, weird game that had us want to try the game when we got back from the experience. Grasshopper Manufacture keeps the crazy going on in this game where you battle up a tower against strange monsters that were formerly you.

You see, you die in this game and that version of you stays in the game and will try and kill you...where you died. On top of that it's set some time past the year 2026. You're actually playing the game in an arcade on a future console that comes out of interactive beetle. Yeah, it's full blown Japan-tastic.

Game play is rouge-like beat-em up that gives you different weapons. It can get you on your nerves as your reflexes aren't always fast and you can run out of energy or get concussed leaving you up for more hits until you die.

-We got to talk with one of the people who actually works on the game and though he couldn't confirm anything he said it will hopefully by dropping early 2017. We've been waiting for this one since IndieCade 2014!

This game has you solving puzzles in form of different heads and not in a gross way, nothing anatomically correct like a serial killer, more like a fun-to-figure out puzzler. Two levels we tried include a spaceship and a frog. Each had us pressing buttons, flipping switches and then trying to figure out what we needed to do to solve the problems in a colorful game that should be a fun time to unwind with when it comes out.

Ten levels might be the final draw of the game with more if it does well. Possible price $14.99.

-Kero Blaster and Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight are on the way from Playism. We loved the old-school shooter from Daisuke Amaya and the latest iteration of Momodora. We already liked them so much we got them on Steam. Now you can play both of these great pixel art games on the PS4, when they come out. They aren't easy and we'll take time to master.

Kero's a classic shooter with a Japanese story so weird you'll love it. Metroidvania mastery takes place in the lovely looking Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight.

Sonic Mania/Persona 5
 -Nice try even getting near Persona 5 at the event. Sonic Mania was much more accessible and a Sonic fans dreams, it looks phenomenal.

-Chasm finally comes out next year, they're still polishing it, it's just taking it forever. A procedurally generated platformer that looks like fun and has for years now.

Night in the Woods
-We love the look, we love playing it, we finally get it Jan 10. An adventure game with an anthropomorphic cat that dropped out of college, meets her friends in her small hometown and some weird stuff happens.

-Old school gameplay hasn't looked this good in...well, we have a lot of good pixel games. A fun two-player game somewhat akin to tennis; you throw frisbees. With high-bit graphics.

Monsterboy or Wonderboy?

-Windjammers comes from DotEmu whose also producing Wonderboy, a remake of the original game while at the same time another company is making another iteration of the game called Monsterboy, which is a is a spiritual successor. Though they look very similar for obvious reasons.

-A game from Tribute Games that I'll probably won't give up on after a few tries. As beautiful as the games look from them, this is the first that we've played that we'll want to complete until the end. You get around by swinging on hooks and shooting your way in a pirate space adventure. Will be surprised of Shantae developer WayForward doesn't just swoop up the maker of the game whenever the make a new game instead of some HD collection that takes forever to come out.

Graceful Explosion Machine
-A new side-scrolling space shooter that's cute and fun with plenty of weapons to get any R-Type fan happy. We hope to see ourselves playing it on our Vitas in the near future.

Parappa The Rapper
-Sony outright sucks for releasing a PaRappa The Rapper remastered edition a year after releasing the game on PS4. I don't know how, but they managed to remaster it without redoing the cutscenes and gameplay sucks. Save your money and get the version that's out now, sorry it's not 4k.