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Monday, December 19, 2016

Escape Rooms: What Are They? (Sponsored Post)

Even as escape rooms have become a very popular pastime in recent times, there are many people that have heard of them, but have no idea what they are. So what are escape rooms?

An escape room is a game in which two or more people are locked inside a room and can only get out by solving puzzles, clues, and challenges one at a time, until they get out of the room. Some games will have a guide who gives the group a briefing on the rules of the game before leaving you to your own devices. The games come in a variety of themes such as space stations sets, detective simulations, amnesia situations, and prison dungeons among others. You will typically be expected to solve the clue, puzzles and mysteries and get out of the room before the time allotted ends.

35-year-old Japanese developer, Takao Kato in Tokyo, created the earliest prototype of the escape room game. After its introduction to Singapore in 2011, its popularity has soared as it spread to China, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, and the US. Since they call for a lot of cooperation and collaboration among participants, escape rooms can be very good for your corporate team building events, or just a good day of fun with friends or family.

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