Friday, June 7, 2024

Hollywood Fringe Festival Jun 13th-30th


It's creepy and it's kooky, messed-up and kind of more to rhyme, I'm afraid. The Hollywood Fringe Festival returns to LA June 13th-30th to show off the strangest of plays, musicals and everything in-between. For a crowd wanting to see utter nonsense you have a choice between almost 400 Shows to choose from. Another reason people check it out, tickets can be from the price of free to $15 on average.

Here's some of our top choices for the festival:

Milk is a sketch comedy show all about milk, set in a post apocalyptic world where the beloved beverage in all of its forms has udderly ceased to exist. An eccentric grandfather tells nostalgic tales of the history of the long forgotten dairy product, and by the end, you’ll be asking yourself: can I please have a glass of milk?

Low on Milk

A mother who struggles with breastfeeding must battle the zombie apocalypse to find formula for her newborn.


A show about communication. And Porn.

Nate and Sarah have finally decided they are ready to start trying for a baby, but their excitement quickly fades when Nate can’t perform after a long day of “working from home”. Sarah devises a ridiculous deal she thinks will keep Nate satisfied, while also banishing pornography from their life. Things quickly go awry as both of them are confronted with the reality of their self-esteem, shame, boundaries, and libidos. Can you ever have too much of a good thing if that “good thing” is intimacy with your partner? The Deal shines a hilarious (but heartfelt) light on the secret, and not-so-secret, things we do to please one another, both in bed and in life. 


File in because the wedding reception is just about to get started, and the groom’s brother is about to give the best worst Best Man speech you’ve ever seen!

LA comedian Mark Vigeant brings the audience into an immersive, absurdist, and drunken wedding reception as the groom’s brother Paul, who – over the course of an increasingly chaotic hour – crumbles into an existential crisis fueled by toxic masculinity and loneliness. In his desperate attempts to show his brother his love, he can’t help but confront the lack of love he has for himself. 

Based partly on his #1 Amazon Best Seller, A KID GROWS IN BROOKLYN, in this semi-comedic world premier solo show Art honestly examines whether he really is Jewish. Yeah, his name is Jewish and his mother was Jewish, but not so fast! There are so many ways he is not a poster boy Jew. Winner of last year’s 2023 HOLLYWOOD ENCORE PRODUCERS AWARD, in this totally new show Art presents his idiosyncratic view of the world, this time regarding his religion. This world-premiere production will resonate not only with people from Brooklyn and Jewish folk, but with others, who will get a peek at what it can be like, being from Brooklyn, and being Jewish.

Told with both humor and gravitas, KOSHER SALT is a journey through Jewish comedy and Jewish tragedy.

A clown show, a personal memoir, and a rollicking trip through some real tough shit.

Abel Horwitz is going to solve antisemitism in 45 minutes.

You’re welcome.

Blue awakens from hibernating alongside her source of happiness; a fearsome grizzly bear she’s named “Happy”. Follow the unlikely pair’s quest back down the mountain on their search for home, encountering friends new and old, who struggle with Blue’s concept of “happiness”, triggering the grizzly to teach Blue a lesson of his own — the only happiness you can help is your own.