Monday, June 10, 2024

Further Out: 2024 Palm Springs International ShortFest


The 2024 Palm Springs International ShortFest is coming back this June. June 18-24 to be exact. Check out the full schedule here and make a Palm Springs escape this Summer.

Here's our top picks for programs for the fest:

A World Imagined | Thursday, 5:00 PM

An intriguing blend of science and speculative fiction through a collection of eclectic films that explore imagined futures and offer fresh perspectives on our present reality. 


Late Night | Friday, 8:00 PM

The absurd and the surreal converge in this collection of after-dark shorts, featuring a wild range of stories with peculiar situations. 


7 Deadly Sins | Saturday, 4:30 PM

Make your way through these seven selections that touch on each cardinal crime - gluttony, lust, greed, wrath, sloth, vanity, and pride. Transgression, depravity, and sinfulness abound. 

Thrills & Chills | Saturday, 7:30 PM

Buckle in for this hair-raising and unsettling series of disturbing genre shorts! Expect some unforgettable and gross moments.