Friday, June 7, 2024

Anime Expo Minute #3 Schedule Out, Silliest Panels



Here's the full AX Schedule, start planning now.

Here's some highlights:
SPY×FAMILY / Kaiju No. 8 SPECIAL EVENT Hosted by TOHO animation
Panel Room: Main Events
START: 3:15 PM
END: 4:35 PM
Panel Description: Suit up for international intrigue at fearsome monsters at the SPY×FAMILY / Kaiju No. 8 SPECIAL EVENT. TOHO animation will take you through two of their hit titles with the help of several special guests!

Industry panels:

July 4th:
• Orange Studio  - 11am PST
• Aniplex of America x A-1 Panel - 12:30pm PST
• Warner Bros Japan - 2pm PST
• Studio Bones x Kodansha New Anime Project 3:15pm PST
• Kodansha License Announcement Panel 3:45pm PST
• My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Panel 4:15pm PST
• Kadokawa Industry Panel 4:45pm PST
• GKIDS Industry Panel 6:45pm PST
• CloverWorks Industry Panel 7pm PST

July 5th:
• Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse 10am
• Viz Media Industry Panel 11:30am PST
• J Novel Club Industry Panel 1:30pm PST
• Square Enix Manga & Books Panel 2:15pm PST
• Dark Horse Manga 3:45pm PST
• Yen Press Industry Panel 4:45pm PST
• Terminator Zero: 4:45pm PST
• BILIBILI Live 6:15pm PST
• Studio Trigger 6:15pm PST
• Denpa & Kuma 6:45pm PST
• Fakku Panel 10:30pm PST



July 6th:
• Blue Box Panel 11:30am
• Danmachi 11:30am
• Delicious in Dungeon 1:45pm PST
• Production IG x WIT x Signal MD 2pm PST
• Azuki Manga Industry Panel 3:45pm PST
• Japanese Manga Editors Industry Roundtable 4:45pm PST
• Tatsuki Fujimoto's Look Back Panel 5:15pm PST
• Bandai Namco Filmworks Industry Panel 7:30pm PST
• Studio KAI Industry Panel 7:30pm PST

July 7th:
• TokyoPop 2:30pm PST

And here is the silliest panels we could find.

July 4th
Heaven or Hell
Panel Room: 402AB
START: 10:30 AM
END: 11:20 AM
Panel Description: From the creators of guilty or not guilty, comes Heaven or Hell! An argumentative court styled panel where you, the people, will play God and decide if a deceased character will go to heaven or hell based on their past actions!

July 4th
Shoestring Scientists Presents- Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese cloth wrapping
Panel Room: 406AB
START: 10:30 AM
END: 11:30 AM
Panel Description: Have you ever watched an anime character unwrap a Bento box and thought, “That's an awesome way to wrap a lunch! I want to do that!” Well that's what this workshop is about! Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese art of wrapping everyday parcels for carrying, and this workshop will teach you multiple common methods and techniques for wrapping and tying.

July 4th
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: More Than Card Games on Motorcycles
Panel Room: 402AB
START: 12:00 PM
END: 1:20 PM
Panel Description: Ancient gods, classism, robots from the future, and yes...motorbikes. Come hang out with us and let's chat about why 5D's is truly the pinnacle of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

July 4th
Don’t judge an anime by its cover (or maybe you should)
Panel Room: 404AB
START: 10:30 PM
END: 11:20 PM
Panel Description: Have you ever started an anime at someone’s recommendation and it turns out to be nothing like what you imagined? Come chat with us here about some horrifying anime’s we’ve all seen and side eyed

July 5th
Indie VTuber to Corpo: The Journey of GEEGA ft. Haruka Karibu
Panel Room: The Novo
START: 11:00 AM
END: 12:00 PM
Panel Description: Ever wondered what it's like to journey as a VTuber from indie to corpo? Join us to hear from GEEGA and featured guest Haruka Karibu as they share their experiences growing as a VTuber, joining VShojo, and all the stories in-between.
July 5th
An evening with TheAnimeMen
Panel Room: Petree Hall
START: 1:30 PM
END: 2:50 PM
Panel Description: Spend an evening with The AnimeMen
Hey! Is that an Anime Doll?!
Panel Room: 402AB
START: 5:45 PM
END: 6:35 PM
Panel Description: An anime looking doll? Have you seen those dolls that look like anime characters around the convention? Wanna know more about them? Then come to our panel where you can see them up close and hear more about the ball-jointed doll (BJD) community. And anyone who has a doll are welcome to join us too.
July 5th
Waifu Wars: Apocalypse
Panel Room: JW-Platinum
START: 8:30 PM
END: 9:50 PM
Panel Description: Waifu Wars is back for its 5th year with more waifus and more chaos! Contestants will be picked from the audience to represent pre-selected Waifus and Husbandos in custom created challenges. Winners will walk away with honor and a prize. Losers will throw a photo of their waifu in the trash, live on stage!

July 5th
Guilty or not Guilty
Panel Room: 404AB
START: 9:00 PM
END: 9:50 PM
Panel Description: Is your favorite character a bit: problematic, evil, morally gray? Well come defend or prosecute their actions at this court styled panel, where you, the people, will decide if they are guilty or not guilty!

Why Steam Sucks for Visual Novels
Panel Room: JW-Diamond
START: 10:00 PM
END: 11:20 PM
Panel Description: A complete guide to how Steam is stifling the visual novel industry -- hosted by JAST.

July 6th
Waifu Wars (18+)
Panel Room: JW-Diamond
START: 8:00 PM
END: 9:20 PM
Panel Description: One of the biggest panels in Texas, finally comes to AX! Come and defend your favorite fictional character and show why your waifu is the best girl, or suffer in shame knowing that they're trash. (This panel is 18+)

July 6th
The Hole, A Family Space Adventure
Panel Room: 411
START: 8:30 PM
END: 9:50 PM
Panel Description: Join us for an exclusive preview of "The Hole," an exciting new manga that blends family dynamics with thrilling space exploration! Meet the team behind “the Hole” as they dive deep into this family space adventure fit for all ages! 

July 6th
Magical Girl Tragedies (18+)
Panel Room: 404AB
START: 10:45 PM
END: 11:35 PM
Panel Description: Do you like Magical Girls? How about horror and tragedy? If so, this is the panel for you. Join us as we discuss the darker side of the magical girl genre. 

July 7th
Outlandish Otakus presents, This World Sucks
Panel Room: 411
START: 12:45 PM
END: 1:35 PM
Panel Description: You ever just sit back and think "Gosh This anime world sucks" well we do too! Come talk about it with us.