Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Freeve Free Tacos


Update: Thursday taco location was updated.

Heard from friends the cast from the show was there for the Wednesday food truck, gave out free shirts and buttons and the free tacos were good.

The hit new series on Freeve, Jury Duty, is serving up free tacos at various LA locations this week. We've watched the whole 8-episode series and this just adds to us loving the show.

Jury Duty's premise is that one man believes he has jury duty and is being filmed for a documentary. That's not true, it's all fake. And, with quirky characters created from some of the people who helped create The Office, you'll get invested in their strange lives and backstories. And, of course the one man who has to stay with them all.

All eight episodes of Jury Duty are streaming now on Amazon Freevee. A special cast commentary edition is also available as of June 1.