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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Eddie Muller's Noir Bar Book Review

 By Jonathan Bilski

There I was, trapped, thirsty and watching a film noir classic on TCM. I needed a drink! 

Well, I really wasn't trapped, but luckily I had the brand new Eddie Muller's Noir Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the World of Film Noir to read. It's a nice little compendium of drinks to mix from the host of TCM's Noir Alley. Eddie writes a bit about a Noir classic film, what their drinking in the picture and then you have the recipe to make it.

 It all fits nicely together in the book, a movie to get lost in and a drink to enjoy it with.  And it looks great inside showing off the posters or still from the films as well as some nice shots of the some of the drinks.

Before, going over little anecdotes and relationships of classic drinks to films, Eddie himself, goes over learning and working in a bar. How he was trained and needed style to be a bartender. That need staying with him on his Noir Alley set or his temporary one, during Covid, of having a functional bar. Just because you're talking about movies doesn't mean you shouldn't have a nice drink.

Now, I don't know about you, but my Dad loves both watching Noir Alley and a stiff drink...if he could really have them anymore. I think it's easy to see this as a nice Father's Day gift, which is just right around the corner.

I'm not great mixing anything, but I'll give it a try while watching some of the the films included in the book. Tequila Sunrise teamed up with A Kiss Before Dying, doesn't sound too bad.

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Book provided by publisher for review purposes.