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Monday, March 6, 2023

Desert X Shirts Have Coordinates That Don't Take You To The Ocean

By Jonathan Bilski
Someone checked their work over at Desert X or at Windmill City this year. Maybe, artist Carlton
DeWoody just took some extra time to make sure. The outdoor art exhibition that happens every two years, Desert X (Now -May 7, Coachella Valley) has official shirts and merch with coordinates on it. And, unlike in 2021, the shirts lead to a location in Coachella Valley and not the ocean.

Yes, if we go back to 2021, we reported someone didn't check their math or just didn't copy and paste and the coordinates on all the shirts and gear lead to the Pacific Ocean. No one fixed it, nor did we see an apology issued for the screw-up.

This year the coordinates lead you to the Tramway Gas Station, 1 Tramway Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, which is not in the ocean and is in Coachella Valley, though no exhibit for Desert X is there and it doesn't have any real meaning we know of in relation to Desert X. But, hey, at least it's somewhere in Coachella.

If you want to grab any of this year's Desert X merch go in person or order it from the store below.

Windmill Super #1 store
463 N. Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262