Friday, October 1, 2021

Halloween Treats More & Elvira

Elvira is showing off here "ahem" spirit every Sunday in October on Netflix it seems. She's now a doctor...we guess. See her on Netflix and Chills with Dr. Elvira starting this Sunday.
Cavity Colors, horror apparel, has an new line of shirts that might make you bust your piggy bank of the the horror queen host.

Be on the look out for the Toony Terrors version of Elvira too.

Not really Halloweeny, but out now is the Pokemon Oreos, maybe save them for November.

Not seeing any large size Halloween soda, it's a shame.

Tried the new Mountain Dew Voodew and have no idea what the flavor is.
Look at the difference in bottle sizes from a year ago.
It's a beautiful looking foaming soap for Halloween and right now it's sold out. It sucks.