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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Fantastic Fest 2021: Some Like It Rare Review: Raw But More Delicious

A delicious dark comedy about a butcher in France who hunts down and hacks up Vegans and sells them as a new choice cut of pork. Marked as just a comedy is kind of strange as it totally takes on vibes of a horror film with the slaughter and unabashed brutal killings of those who don't partake of meat. Best of all might be the relationship breakdown between the butcher and his wife, not because of killings, but not enough killings. Oh, France, never change.

This dark horror comedy's appetizer is  Vincent Pascal, who loves being a butcher and his wife Sophie, whose unhappy in their marriage. After an attack on Vincent's butcher shop, by protesting Vegans and Sophie saying it's quits, he spots one of those Vegans who broke up his meat -makery on the road. In anger, he runs over his non-eating-meat adversary. But, what to do with the body?

Sophie and Vincent start their descent in straight up hunting down Vegans and turning them into a rare delicious slice of pig with an all too funny made up back story. And from the appetizer to a main course montage of mayhem we see them hunting Vegans left and right as brutal as you would see in an slasher flick or rated-R horror film.

I was impressed, not by just the realistic gore and slicing and dicing of people, but the dark jokes that fly out of everyone's mouth. Or should I say into their mouths?

The real underlying story is about a messed-up marriage that should've ended instead of so many people's lives. Sophie and Vincent feed off of each other, not literally like a twist in the film, but emotionally twisting their morals. Sophie is the brains and Vincent the murderous muscle.

I'm sure other writers will add the film Eating Raoul to the titles of their reviews, but Rare is significantly different to be it's own thing. Though, you could totally see them together as a double feature And the couple in Eating Raoul actually loved each other.
Only regrets about the film is a sort of anti-climatic ending/dessert that should have been played over the credits. It had a great build-up that many might see coming and even I wanted, but isn't right after a final gory end.

I don't want to spoil too much, because just telling you the start is enough to get a taste for what had me laughing multiple times over this feast of Vegan murdering goodness. The only other thing is, I hope you don't have nostalgia for the The Hundred Acre Wood.
Some Like It Rare has come out in France so far and as of writing this doesn't have any US distribution plans. Hope that changes. You deserve to eat this up.