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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Tom & Jerry Sets Back Everything We Gained From Roger Rabbit

One last, What We Found On The Net Today in 2020.

 Evil Dead: The Game comes out in 2021.


-L.A. signs off on $1-billion ‘mini-city’ in the west San Fernando Valley

 A developer won approval to build a mixed-use project in Warner Center with hotels, a sports arena, an office tower and more than 1,400 homes.

-How a city-funded homeless housing project became a sink hole for public money

This was pathetic.

Looking forward to this one, Radio the Universe

 Superliminal is part of the Steam Winter sale, grab it!

-More for Halloween, the Galaxy of Horrors are some scary posters made for NASA to explain the creepy stuff out there in the stars.

There is a more friendly Exoplanet Travel Bureau to check out, also from NASA.