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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Christmas Card Collection: Season's Beatings!

If you're a bad friend, lazy or just forgot there's still time to send out Christmas cards. When TTDILA does Christmas cards we look for only the ones we would like and not stupid puppies near a fireplace...maybe in the fireplace. No, we don't have that as an actual card, but here's some less violent ones.

$20.18 for 5 cards

We want to play this game, but will settle for just this Christmas Fighter postcard. Season's Beatings!

$6 for 1
Every Christmas needs a little Krampus. Remind your friends, maybe they've been a little naughty. And the Krampus looks so darn cute. 

$4.50 for 1
A more simple reminder that a nightmare creature will come for you if you've been bad. 

$5 - $21

We've cherished all the Glorp Gum holiday cards over the years. The can range from gross to totally commercialized nonsense. It's so hard to choose, but you really have such a large collection to inflict on others.