Monday, March 20, 2017

The CW Heroes & Aliens Panel at PaleyFest 2017

We all applauded and laughed as Kevin Smith asked Brandon Routh, “Ray Palmer/Atom” if he had a "d*ck door" to pee out of when he's in his Atom suit. It was one of many highlights for that evening's special panel that had a huge assortment of heroes in attendance. The CW Heroes & Aliens Panel part of the ongoing PaleyFest 2017, taking place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood over the weekend, had fans decked out in STAR Labs t-shirts and Arrow hoodies. At the end, fans rushed to the stage to get pictures and get stuff signed from the following stars of their favorite superhero shows including the CW Trinity of Arrow, Supergirl and Flash:

Stephen Amell, “Oliver Queen/Arrow”                                      
David Ramsey, “John Diggle”
Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer
Wendy Mericle, Executive Producer

The Flash:
Grant Gustin,“Barry Allen/The Flash”                                        
Candice Patton, “Iris West”                                                            
Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer
Todd Helbing, Executive Producer
Aaron Helbing, Executive Producer

Melissa Benoist, “Kara Danvers/Supergirl”
David Harewood, “Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz”
Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:
Brandon Routh, “Ray Palmer/Atom”
Caity Lotz,“Sara Lance/White Canary”

One of the best parts was when host Kevin Smith, whose directed two episodes of Supergirl, asked Diggle on Arrow played by David Ramsey about how he felt over the crossovers.
"It's actually a lighter atmosphere over on The Flash, there's bright light...everyone's smiling, everyone's happy...we're literally separated by a wall. By the way, the have cans of soda on their show, we don't. It's true, we don't get Coke or Mountain Dew or Pepsi, Flash does. This is the truth.,"

Diggle was then interrupted by one of his producers.

"Once we start pulling a .9 or a 1"(millions of views) [will get soda.]

Diggle made a face that made everyone laugh in attendance.

Other highlights included the promise from Flash producers of not having a speedster to be the main villain for the next season, Abra Kadabara is on his way in episode 18 and episode 19 is where The Flash visits the Future in "The Once and Future Flash" and a better crossover is coming.

Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen/Arrow basically promised a better crossover for next season instead of the 3.2 out of 4 episodes we got. He told of a dinner date with a producer about getting a huge crossover every year.

On a more technical level we got the questions of moving the productions to LA, that the actors seemed to want to, the producers explained production will remain in Vancouver, Canada for all shows. The reason given was simply cost is cheaper there and it allows for a lot more money to go into the shows, more locations and more special effects can be noted in Supergirl since here move.

When the actors were asked about what they would want to happen in crossovers. Arrow explained he wanted for all the other heroes to be out stopping whatever problem was going on while he and Diggle were drinking tea and playing chess, then when they would ask for his help he would say, "No, we're good."

Grant Gustin,“Barry Allen/The Flash” simply said he wanted to hang out with Brandon Routh, “Ray Palmer/Atom”  as they are "Science Bros", then they tried an air high five, as they were sitting away from each other, and still somehow missed.

If you are wondering about The Atom's "D*ck Door," it does not exist, yet. Atom explained he had to take off the top off of his suit to...urinate. Producers expected a memo the next day of putting one in.

The event went by in a flash as there were so many stars they could only answer one question each before a few audience Q&A's and Kevin Smith's long introduction took up the time. It ended with two lucky teenage girls asking if they could take a picture with Arrow, which he let them come up on stage for and sit on his lap surrounded by CW's heroes.

Check out new episodes airing all this week on the CW.

 All pictures © Emily Kneeter for the Paley Center.