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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Movie Musts

It's March, we’ve had a month separating us from the living nightmare that was January and we can breathe more with ease. We're all still coming down from the Oscars -check out what Variety is getting into over the mix-up- sure there were some great films that won, but did you honestly see them? What did you think of Jimmy Falon Kimmel hosting? I wouldn't have bet on him other than ABC had the awards this year and couldn't think of anyone better. My bet is Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key for 2018, but this article, Who Will Host in 2018? , puts its money on it being Kevin Spacey. We would have added Jordan Peele’s Get Out to the list below, but it came out in February. We’re not Spacey fans unless there’s a villain for him to play, not that happy if he hosts.

If Spacey does host, I doubt he'll be naming any of the choices we've put together. Not because they're bad, they just aren't dramas. Hey they could win technical awards. Even Will Smith's superfriends Suicide Squad won this year.

*Films recommend come from info provided by

March 10

Kong: Skull Island

Oh boy, a movie that ties into a cinematic universe of American kaiju like Godzilla, painful looking deaths for people who should never go to a creepy island and enough celebs to choke on your popcorn when you see them pop up while watching. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director, who doesn't have many films under his belt, has an all-star cast to play with and the biggest budget he’s ever seen. So, it might go the Jurassic World-who also had a director bet on after a good festival run- or it might crippling mess. We’re hoping for a fun time seeing King Kong slapping around helicopters.


If you’ve already been reading the site you know how much we want to see some cannibalism take over vegetarians in this one out of France. A young veterinarian student may taste something different in here hazing ritual at vet school and that taste leads to some new hungers. This horror film has been around the film festival circuit for a while and has gotten strong reviews, some faintings and some claims of some truly fun gross-out moments.

March 17

The Belko Experiment

I’ve been waiting to see this bloody feature with friends right after they get out of work on a week day. From the mind of James Gunn, the same man behind Guardians of the Galaxy, comes the mentality he still has from his time at Troma. Office sheeple are locked in their business and must battle to the death. There’s no calling HR to settle differences, but maybe take a stapler to someone’s face.

March 24


We love the dread from the alumni of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace on the subject of motherhood with her film Prevenge. Alice Lowe wrote, directed and stars-a lot like Darkplace- in a film about a little itty bitty baby out for murder. Technically, the baby hasn’t even been born yet, so the fitting title of Prevenge works so well, as well as the dark humor surrounding the kills and the actors chosen to be the victims. We favored it at AFI Fest and we’re glad it’ll be in theaters this Fall.

So you have more than enough bloody murder on your plate on March, now that we look back on our list.

We’re still up if Ghost in the Shell will be any good, but the director doesn’t have a very good track record, still the visual looks stunning, so far now it’s just a maybe.

As for the rest, maybe pace them out for each week, you might get to agro after seeing so much violence on screen or make for a long weekend just filled to the brim with it.