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Thursday, March 16, 2017

TCM Classic Film Festival April 6-9

We have another weekend to watch classic films thanks to TCM. The festival will let you watch some of the old black and whites in modern theaters instead of at home. A night of romance. A night of daring. A night to just get out for a little. * Not everything is at night though, these classics and cult favs will be going all day.

Don't forget some special events.

Our top favs right now?

High Anxiety with Mel Brooks. He's not getting any younger and he just showed Blazing Saddles so we have his parody of all things Alfred Hitchcock.

BEYOND THE MOUSE: THE 1930S CARTOONS OF UB IWERKS, has us going over classic cartoons, the silly style and the exaggerated animation and just the filed itself wouldn't exist with Ub Iwerks.

TCM Classic Film Festival
April 6-9
Multiple Hollwod Theaters
Individual tickets are $20 for most screenings and events. Individual tickets to the Official Closing Night presentation (TBD), if available, will be priced at $30. Students with valid student ID will receive a 50% discount off all individual tickets.