Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tokyo Outlet Stores

Wow, didn't know one opened up in Burbank, but I did see the one in Glendale. I'm writing about the Tokyo Japanese Outlet/ Japanese Lifestyle chain of stores. Pics to come later, once I visit them again. The site below actually has a excellent location guide.

These stores are a great place to pick up some Japanese snacks, but don't only contain fine eatibiles, but products from Japan. Many of the items are anime-related toys and anime dvds. While most items are just common products of Japan that might be hard to find here in the U.S. The stores are usually filled to the brim with stuff to look at and ponder about. Every store I've been to has been well kept and clean. Thae largest I've believe is the one in Little Tokyo. Just pop into one to check out some Japanese culture.

Eartlier I was suprised that one of these stores poped up in Burbank Town Center because I go there to see movies quite often. I'll have to report on the area for future refrence because unlike NOHO Burbank is very much alive. For one thing Burbank as three AMC movie theaters walking distance from each other. Why they planned that I have no idea. It has a arcade which I blooged abour earlier and a bookstore ... yeah I'll write about it later, but it is a good place to visit if your bored.

If you missed it the other times it was playing I don't think you deserve to see it, but Laemmle's doesn't care. On Friday the 25th you have another chance to see the new Evangelion movie.