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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Check out the shorts from Cartoonstitute . It seems Cartoon Network doesn't care about the shorts being avaliable before the show actually premieres. The show is still scheduled to come out this winter with three shorts per episode, but they only finished 14 so it'll only have a few episodes. Hopefully fan appreciation will drive Cartoon Network to have some of the shorts turn into full blown series and maybe give us another season of Cartoonstitute or maybe let the cartoonist finish the rest of their shorts,

Anyway checkout Danger Planet it's weird and maybe a certain voice will sound familiar.

Update: OOps, looks like that account wasn't sanctioned by Cartoon Network, all the video were pulled. I saw about half of the shorts available and let me tell u there great. I can't wait to see the rest this winter. Lookout for Uncle Grandpa and Spleenstab.

I believe one of the shorts "The real show" avout a racoon and a bird that work at a zoo is becoming a series already. Danm it, sorry everyone u gotta wait for new cartoon fun.