Monday, September 28, 2009

1st Annual Halloween LA breakdown

(Read like Dracula would)

Welcome boils and ghouls to the start of many posts about things to do in LA for Halloween. There's freights and screams all over this demented mad-house we call the city including the Valley.

To start off even before October hits us this week, this Wed. Zombieland will be shown for free for anyone who RSVP'S and dresses like a zombie for a zombie walk at the Grauman's Chinese.

Starting around 6:15, more info at the link

I found out about this event and many other Halloween fun thanks to the Creepy The Los Angeles Halloween blog. This sites has the latest news on all thing Halloween in LA related. Check them out there simply the best for Halloween fun this year.

For you to stay here on this blog however I'm giving you my personal touch of the best Halloween stuff to do and the movies you'll want to make your friend go eeewww! gross! I love this movie. Starting off let me do a quicke review and preview of to Halloween movies coming out. First off The Haunted World of El Super Beasto is *&#4 @#@ and it can suck my ^#)@. Actually it doest deserve time to waste insulting it. It's a bad movie so bad it's not even fun to watch to make fun off. It's nowhere near a B-horror movie's fun. Rob Zombie who is a horrible director( I've seen his other movies they all stink) got help from Mr.Lawrence a long time contributor to Spongebob and the voice of Plankton and still manged to make a boring cartoon. The cartoon itself looked like such a cool idea with a Mexican wrestler superhero fighting zombies and monsters, but what u get is a boring long cartoon with a lot of boobs in it. Boobs are widely available thanks to the internet. Boobs actually might be the only thing to get you interested in this movie . I hated the voice acting the most. Let me rephrase that Rob Zombie chose the wrong voices for every character. El Super Beasto is a white guy apparently. He's suppose to be a Mexican Wrestler , how the Hell do you screw that up?

Than the jokes just didn't work, it was boring. Don't bother watching this or any Rob Zombie movie just play his music at you Halloween Party


see him in concert on Halloween night his directorial skill might suck, but his music doesn't

Burn with the witches, Saturday the 31st and cheeeeeeck it ooooooooooooouttt!

This movie will be bloody. I mean The Shining's elevators opening with blood will look pathetic compared to this Japanese Horror film. When a boy becomes in between a Vampire Girl and a Frankenstein Girl all bloody Hell breaks loose. They can't really die just get more bloody and I guess gutty ... with guts coming out. From the people who brought us Machine Gun Girl and Tokyo Gore Police streaming on Netflix now comes to be what looks like a painfully gross disgusting movie.

10/13 @ 8pm at the Silent Movie Theater, plus extra gory shorts the director has made.

u can see it at Screamfest LA

on the 17th

Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009 11:00 PM