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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The Game Awards Dec 7th

After the fun of last year, nothing was learned and you can still buy tickets to The Game Awards at the newly named Peacock Theater. Yes, it was the Microsoft Theater, but naming rights ended and the city of LA doesn't want to deal with the management of L.A. Live, so the company behind it, AEG Live makes the stupid deals on what they call that theater. It's why we have Arena.
Oh, where was I, oh yeah. The Game Awards are Dec 7th and you can be there to watch new trailers live or just watch what happens unfold streaming.

Tickets are available between $66-$181, plus a bunch of hidden fees, because Ticketmaster continues to suck.

Nominees will be announced this Monday, from the bizarre council of select gaming outlets like NPR. I'm not sure exactly who from those outlets, but that's how it works.

No, I'm not a fan, but it is fun to watch and see the train wreck as it happens.