Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Hallmark's First Hanukkah Movie: Eight Gifts of Hanukkah, Oy


Somehow still part of the Countdown to Christmas, for Hallmark, is their first Hanukkah movie, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah, coming out Dec 3rd, which is not the first or last night of the holiday. Check out the trailer.

Here's the synopsis: An anonymous suitor sends optometrist Sara a gift for each night of Hanukkah. On her journey to find her secret admirer, she learns her one true love might be someone she never expected. Stars Inbar Lavi and Jake Epstein.
Yeah, it looks generic as any other Hallmark movie. It's ridiculous. Hope some memes are mined from it.

Now, if you want the only Hanukkah horror movie, look no further than, Hanukkah (2019). It's so bad the staff at TTDILA couldn't finish it.

Here's the synopsis and trailer  
Synopsis:A group of Jewish young adults are in for a Festival of Frights. With the help of a Rabbi, they deduce that they are being targeted because they have violated Judaic law and that their only chance of survival is to embrace their faith.

 It has a lot of horror movie cameos, but they deaths are way too over the top to let it just be a fun slasher flick for the holiday akin to it's Christmas horror movie cousins. It's pure cinema trash.

On a lighter note, gonna recommend making fun with your Jewish friends and family with this here Hanukkah Mad Libs that might make it to you before Hanukkah ends or you can still take out during a Christmas party to annoy the golem.