Saturday, December 11, 2021

Cowboy Bebop Canceled And Why It Deserved To Be


Cowboy Bebop for Netflix is over, it's been officially canceled. And, though we didn't review it, we watched it all and didn't care for it. We're glad it's kaput.

On social media online some people have been condemning people for being so happy that the show is dead and not realizing people have lost their jobs. That's not what people are happy about, they're happy about a show that didn't needed to be made is gone.

There's even a part of a Hollywood Reporter article kicking one of the show's creator when he's down.

An individual not involved with the show responded to Grillo-Marxuach’s post by asking if he wrote a line from the first season that involved wordplay surrounding the homophones “blackmail” and “Black male.” The line had previously been criticized on social media.

The producer responded, “I didn’t write it and while I understand why you are displeased with it, how about not showing up on my mentions to admonish me when i just lost my job?”

Grillo-Marxuach later tweeted, “The one nice thing about tweeting about the cancellation of bebop is that it’s one more bite at the ‘block toxic fans with extreme prejudice’ apple!”

Jen Bartel has a great series of tweets online on how the series failed the original anime that thoroughly explains why so many fans are happy it's dead. Follow here full tweets on Twitter by clicking it below.