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Friday, November 13, 2020

What We Found on The Net: CBS Is A Freak


 Of the 18 shorts released in 1995, four were developed into Cartoon Network shows: Tartakovsky’s Dexter’s Laboratory, Feiss’s Cow and Chicken, Partible’s Johnny Bravo, and McCracken’s The Powerpuff Girls. Cow and Chicken would go on to spawn the spinoff I Am Weasel, and Dilworth’s 1996 Courage the Cowardly Dog short “The Chicken From Outer Space” would later be turned into a series as well.

Open Mike Eagle Turned a Very Bad Year Into a Very Honest Album

Grab the album here.  

Are you f ing kidding us? A second series based on the Silence of the Lamb movies?
Did they never hear of a show called HANNIBAL? CBS you suck.


Sadly, it'll probably just be a few lines, but damn, bring back the Freak!