Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Movie Hype: Possessor Uncut Out, Jiu Jitsu & The Twentieth Century Out Nov 20, Palm Springs Film Festival No Go 2021

Possessor Uncut is out now on digital. It comes out on DVD/Blu-ray Dec 7. From the son of Cronenberg comes a new body horror and sci-fi thriller about assassins that take over your mind, have you kill someone and then leave you to take the blame. But, what if something goes wrong?

The Palm Springs International Film Festival isn't taking place in 2021, it'll be missed.

Nicolas Cage's Jiu Jitsu looks like insane martial arts sci-fi fun. Does it looks smart? Nope, just fun. Out on digital Nov 20th.

Also coming out Nov 20th on Virtual cinemas, The Twentieth Century, an artsy-fartsy, silly looking take on a Prime Minister of Canada taking power. Our favorite Canadian comedian, Sean Cullen is in it, so we've just got to ride this awkward train the whole way as it crashes into a fireball. Check out the batsh*t insane trailer.