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Friday, May 22, 2009

What Time is it?


by LT. Mariachi at deviantart

My blog isn't just about things to do in LA, but places in LA and what I enjoy and than I try to tie it into this blog. Adventure Time! watch it above, is a new showing coming to Cartoon Network. It was basically forever on a waiting list to get made.It's creator Pendleton Ward had worked on the short over three years ago. The funny thing is it aired on Nickeledeon and Nick probably had the option to buy it, but didn't. Big mistake Nickeledeon. Adventure Time is one of the most original and insane cartoons out there. It's simply crazy fun. It blows other cartoons away with just it's style. Anyway like I said watch it above to get a taste for it and than watch it on Cartoon Network. Now I bring up Adventure Time for five reasons.

1. Nickeledeon could have picked it up easily.

It's amazing they didn't. Nickeldon is also amazing on how it likes to waste its money. Nickeledeon set up a program with Frederator studios to create animated shorts to show. Frederator is a animation studio, best known for creating Fairly Oddparents. Out of the shorts if one gets popularity they become a real show. That how shows like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Kids Next Door and Megas XLR were put on Cartoon Network. Now what happened was and this is amazing they had all theses shorts finished and ready for about 2-3 years and never released the damn show. Now all the shorts were finished and they no legal problem , so it was just Nick being stupid. When you have a finished product in the entertainment industry and I know this stuff because I live in LA you put it out their even if it's crap to make a profit. The shorts weren't crap by the way. You might wait until there isn't any competition like if a big movie comes out one weekend and the movie your studio made is crap you'd wait a week or two until releasing yours. Three years though that's amazing.

2. Cartoon Network got the show.

Whats cool about that is Pendelton Ward worked on other animated shows over the last three years and one of them was the Misadventures of Flapjack for Cartoon Network. So he probably just got a meeting with some executives, because he was already working their, and showed them he's short and sold the show.

3. Cartoon Network Studios and Nickeldeon Studios are both in Burbank.

Less than three minutes from each other. Something to do in LA is visit these animation studios, well if you can get in. Google them and call if they have tours. Anyway their both very close to each other as LA is called the animation Mecca of the world. The both look really cool on the outside as seen below and if you live in LA you pass them all the time. Animator constantly switch camps so probably have been to both.

last one is wb animation studios also in burbank

4. Adventure Time blog

Adventure time has had it's own blog since the inception of the show. Showing how they come up with ideas for it and draw scenes and come up with characters. It's amazing to see how every part slowly comes together.

5. Great Fan service.

No, not boobs, but they way they treat fans. On the blog just mentioned they show off big fans who sent in pictures of themselves in Adventure Time hates they made. As I am a fan they actually sent me something pretty f-ing cool.

It started out with me sending a self-addressed enveloped within this envelope that I doodled on to get Pendleton Ward's attention.

Inside the envelope I sent this fake DVD of Adventure Time! I made.

I made it using a bunch of deviant artist work, plus work from the Adventure Time! blog. After that I created a cd to put in the DVD case with a recording of my voice as a a spy asking for a drawing of all the characters of the show. I sent out via snail mail.Then nothing happened.


So today after about three month I got it back my self-addressed envelope and was super happy. Than I opened it and found this.

I was still happy someone had at least taken the time to write me back and give me some art form a episode where Jake and Finn go to a candy land. So I had thrown away the envelope, when I noticed I missed a post card inside of it. So I took it out.

Thought, oh this looks cool and than I turned it over and found this.