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Friday, May 8, 2009

MOCA without the Caffenine

So I went to the MOCA Grand Prix, which if you don't know was racing wifi-enabled toy cars through the MOCA downtown. The MOCA is the Museum of Contemporay Art.
So anyway it played like a extremly poor racing video game, with my controller dying. The car kept getting delayed signals and couldn't turn very fast. It was still fun to try out. The person in front of me in line said it best as he left because the wait was too long, "MOCA great ideas terrible execution"

Heres my race edited because it took me a good ten minutes to travel the course with all the problems they had.

I might have waited two hours to race even though it was suppose to start at 7 technical difficulties were high, yet I still had a lot of fun. I looked aroung the MOCA which I don't recommend beacuse it isn't that intresting and it's quite small, it be better to go to the Getty. It would have been great if they HAD THE TECHINAL PROBLEMS DOWN. It really played like a video game. It reminded of Hasbro's Hot Wheels racers where you race cars through a simple house, but it's fun because your so small. Its like when you start of small in Katamari and people are giants that can mess with you. I would love playing a racing game where I race through a art museum after doing this and maybe crash through some Jackson Pollacks or some terribele Lichenstein, knocking over sculptures and vases.

Anyway after my race I went to the Cinerama dome, which is part of the Arclight Hollywood which is one of the best theaters in America. The Cinerama dome is a circular dome so the screen is huge and also curved which really impressive to watch. The screen is so big you have to move your head when characters move in scenes or ships fly by to see where they go. The ship I saw was the Entrterprise fro STAR TREK and it was actually a good movie. Go see it. Plus the arclight gave away free t-shirts by one of my favorite artist Jesse Phillips. I used his picture of the Enterprise in the post preciding this one. I also got a free star trek iphone case and a Uhura trading card. So go see STAR TREK it's actually fun to watch.

Plus I went to the 10 Forward cafe, which borrows the name from the Star Trek the Next Generation cafe. It doesn't look very scifi but it did have these on the menu.

I found out because a guy was handing out flyers at the Arclight and for some insane reason he was wearing a Marc Ecko storm trooper jacket. I'm amazed no one beat him up. Plus a bunch of people were in Star Trek costumes.