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Monday, April 27, 2009

places not to go in LA

Trying a new segment on the blog, places not to go in LA, places that are tourist traps that aren't worth your time.

This weeks we have the Brentwood Country Mart

It may look good on the outside, but inside this place isn't worth the trip. It small and cramped and on weekends filled with little kids. It has a couple different stores, but none that will keep your interest for very long. This place has a chocolates shop and a bakery and I still don't find it that interesting or fun to visit. I would suggest Farmer's Market before going here. The food available in the very small courtyard is overpriced and not worth it.

For example take a look at one of it's newest shops.

Monocle. I have know idea what Monocle is about, no they don't sell Monocles.

As best I can describe it the store seems to sell stuff to put in your office if you've got a lot of cash. Frankly, this place is a waste of space by just how small it is. I'm not kidding I don't know why they would even waste money renting this space out.

Save yourself sometime and just head to the Third Street Promenade instead.