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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jab Strong Fierce Street Fighter Tribute Show

Nucleus art gallery/trendy shop

above art is from Jorge R. Gutierrez appearing in the show

Happening this weekend in Alhambra, California, which is not too far out of LA is the Street Fighter Tribute art show. The art show is this Saturday April 25 at 7:00pm. It runs April 25th through May 11th.Over 40 artists most likely from deviantart will have pieces in tribute to one of the best insane fighting games ever. Here's Nucleus site for even more info

here's the Yelp file on the Nucleus art gallery

This is sponsored by I am 8-bit and Capcom so there might be swag. Plus, they say they'll have a
cosplay competition and a Street Fighter4 Tournament, though there is a entry fee for the tournament.

I'll post a bunch of pictures when I go .

This isn't about the book on Amazon(see link below), if you don't know a Street Fighter Tribute art book came out with over 300 pieces of art done by many artists from deviantart and from around the world. I bought it almost immediately at Comic-con, except it was $80.00, so I waited two months and got it for $22 on Amazon.

This seems to be entirely new art from more than 40 artists.I'm extremely excited about this event. Nucleus is extremely awesome art gallery that has totally kickass art shows and got me interested in one of my favorite artists Josh Cochran.
Nucleus messed up and made flyers with a piece of his art that wasn't part of the show. It was actually part of a book called Beasts!

Beasts! is a book about mythological beasts drawn by different artists. It reads as a guide on Beasts as if they were real, sometimes explaining what to do to avoid them or get away from them.