Monday, May 16, 2022

Hype: Glen Brogan Covers Art, "Super" Star Trek & Resident Evil The... Huh, they didn't rename it, it's just Resident Evil...Okay

One of Glen Brogan's pieces for the "Covers" Art Show over at Hero Complex Gallery, which doesn't seem to be openings anymore. 

Here's the other

Farmer's Almanac by Glen Brogan


One of my favorite blogs, Super Punch, is trying to sell me on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and every time they write about it, it's more like they're trying to justify that it exists.

"I gave up on Discovery early in season three, and gave up on Picard early in season one, but the new show just might be ok. My gorilla channel review: the beginning is slow and the resolution is eye-rolling, but the episode is great from when they arrive at the destination planet to when they allow themselves to be captured. Pike has great hair, the new character is intriguing, and episode one was genuinely repeatedly funny."

Episode 1

"Deeply forgettable plot and tedious spaceship flying, but the characters remain really likeable and interesting, and Pike's hair only gets taller."

Episode 2

I've only watched episode 1 myself and won't try and justify it. What a relatable show, seeing your comically tragic death any time you look in a reflective surface, sheesh. I look forward more to The Orville, which is the best version of Star Trek right now.


Resident Evil...the series? Not sure; it's just called Resident Evil from Netflix; is another nonsense concept that seems to have even less to do with the game than the recent bad reboot movie. Set in the future with none of the characters from the series, 'cept Albert Wesker, who is race swapped for seemingly no reason. 

It's not hard to understand why they wanted the Resident Evil name attached, but it looks like another Cowboy Bebop or Halo show where the people behind it never sat down and played the games or watched the anime.

It can't get dislikes anymore, but the comments on YouTube for the trailer aren't supportive.